The Effect Of The Size Of The Stone Crushed By The Jaw Crusher

February 06, 2021

The professional name of the jaw crusher is called the jaw crusher. As a coarse crushing process in the production line, it can crush nearly 200 kinds of materials, whether it is limestone, gypsum, coal gangue, quartz sand and other low-hardness materials, or granite, High hardness materials such as barite, iron ore and river pebbles can be coarsely crushed and are used in various fields such as mines, construction, highways, garbage crushing, etc. This eye-catching jaw crusher Become a symbol of the coarse crushing of the entire crushing industry.

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Hanfa Group's jaw crusher has a variety of series and models. The following is an analysis of the performance models of the JC series jaw crusher:

Features of JC series jaw crusher

1. Robust structure The frame is divided into two types: welding type and assembly type: small and medium specifications generally use welding type, and large specifications generally use assembly type. The welding type adopts the welding method of large arc transition fillet and low stress area, which greatly reduces the stress concentration, ensures the equal strength of the frame in all directions, and has the characteristics of impact resistance, uniform force, and low failure rate. The assembly type adopts advanced modular and non-welded frame structure design, which has high fatigue strength and high reliability. At the same time, the assembly type design of the whole machine makes transportation and installation more convenient. It is especially suitable for underground mines, high-altitude mines and other narrow and difficult places installation.


2. Superior cavity design The symmetrical "V"-shaped cavity design, the large inclination of the bracket, the large stroke, and the reasonable speed make the feed particle size larger, the output higher, the particle size more uniform, and the jaw plate wear is reduced.

3. Heavy-duty movable jaw assembly is durable The heavy-duty movable jaw assembly adopts a forged heavy-duty eccentric shaft, high-quality heavy-duty rolling bearings, and a movable jaw body optimized by finite element software to ensure high impact resistance and stability of the movable jaw assembly; labyrinth seal and centralized lubrication system ensure Bearing grease is not contaminated and lubrication is more convenient, making it run longer and more stable. 4. Design of movable jaw guard A heavy-duty guard plate is installed above the movable jaw to avoid material impact and effectively protect the movable jaw body and its internal bearings from damage.

5. Integral bearing seat The integral cast steel bearing seat structure guarantees the complete fit with the frame, avoiding unnecessary radial load on the bearing during the tightening process of the combined bearing seat, and making the bearing run more smoothly.

6. Convenient and quick granularity adjustment JC series jaw crusher adopts mechanical or hydraulic discharge opening adjustment device. Its double wedge adjustment method is simpler, safer and faster than gasket adjustment operation, which saves downtime.


7. Integrated motor installation The integrated installation method of the motor base and the crusher frame not only saves the installation space of the jaw crusher, reduces the length of the V-belt, but also realizes the realization due to the synchronous movement of the frame, the motor base and the motor, and the adjustable motor base. The tension of the V-belt can be adjusted so that the service life of the V-belt is longer.

8. Shock absorption installation design The crusher is fixed with a special rubber shock absorber, which effectively absorbs the peak value of equipment vibration, and allows the vertical and longitudinal displacement of the crusher, thereby reducing the impact on the foundation. Granularity effect of JC series jaw crusher The discharge size of the JC series jaw crusher determines the size of the discharge particles according to the model size, and the characteristics of the material are also an important factor that determines the discharge size.

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