Enterprise concept

Business philosophy---winning by quality, treating customers with sincerity, taking business with morality, taking the rule of law, serving the best, and being honest.

Operating strategy:

  • Unification01
    Unification of quality products and quality services
  • Unification 02
    Unification of economic benefits  and social benefits 
  • Unification03
    Unification of internal management  and external market
  • Unification04
    Unification of employee interests  and corporate interests

Business philosophy: seeking common ground while reserving differences and achieving symbiosis.

Quality policy: Quality is in my hands, the brand is in my mind, the user is in my heart.


Afuruika values --- Customer success is our success.

Quality concept: Quality is our life. Without quality, there is no life. Pay attention to quality and care for life.

Learning concept: Good at learning, diligent in learning, and good at learning.

Science and technology concept: Science and technology are the primary productive forces, and technological innovation is the driving force behind the development of enterprises. Relying on scientific and technological progress can we win the market.

Work concept: There is nothing impossible, everything will have a way. (The problem is that the method is wrong, and the difficulty is the lack of ability.)

Market view: Discovering demand and meeting demand. Discover demand and control the market.

Service concept: Provide customers with the most value service quickly, efficiently and conveniently. We use "one heart" to change "three hearts", that is, our single-minded service, in exchange for customers' peace of mind, rest assured, happy.

Employing people: Horse racing is not the same. Choose the best, and choose the merits.

Development concept: Development is the last word, and development is the top priority.

Safety concept: Safety is happiness, safety is efficiency.

Brand concept: Brand is the signboard, brand power is the image power.

The concept of reform: Reform is the driving force behind development. Without reform, companies will have no vitality.

Morality: Civilized management, honest and trustworthy.

Henan Afuruika Machinery Equipment Co. , Ltd

Regiment building activities

  • Regiment building activities01
  • Henan Afuruika Machinery Equipment Co. , Ltd
  • Regiment building activities02
  • Regiment building activities04

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