Standard productior and after-sales service

1.We promise to guarantee the complete machine for one year. If any problem occurs during the operation of your mining plant, please contact us to solve it. After obtaining customer demand by phone or email, our technical staff will communicate with the customer.

2.We are committed to reaching the site within 24 hours in mainland China and 48 hours globally.

3.Our company can provide perfect accessory service, all equipment accessories provided by hanfa group can be ordered. All parts will be delivered to the customer in the first time, within a year of the machine's core parts, free maintenance or replacement.

4.If the operation of the equipment is interrupted due to operation error, the technical engineer will retrain the operators to find out the problem and ensure the equipment to operate stably in the future.

5.Visit the project regularly, understand the equipment operation status and user feedback, and solve problems for customers in actual operation. After the technical personnel solve the problem, our company will visit again to ensure the problem is completely solved.

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