Beneficiation Method

April 19, 2020

Iron: (1) ore crushing; (2) grinding process; (3) sorting technology; (4) sintering pellet technology; Manganese: mechanical separation (including beneficiation, sieving, gravity separation, strong magnetic separation and flotation), as well as pyrotechnical by-set, chemical beneficiation, etc.

Chromium: Use jumping titanium machine, shaker, spiral concentrator, centrifugal concentrator and belt chute to sort, and also hydraulically sort the ore in shaker.

Titanium-vanadium magnetite: It is the magnetic tail after the magnetite concentrate is magnetically separated by a magnetic separation process of one stage of grinding, one coarse, one fine and one sweep.

Copper: Flotation, magnetic separation, gravity separation and other methods or wet smelting.

Lead-zinc: generally use magnetic-levitation, heavy-levitation, heavy-magnetic-levitation and other combined mineral processing methods.

Aluminum: Hand selection is generally used.

Nickel: (1) Flotation; (2) Use crushing, screening and other processes to remove in advance large pieces of bedrock with weak differentiation and low nickel content. Cobalt: Flotation is generally used. Tungsten: According to the type of ore, tungsten beneficiation is divided into black tungsten and scheelite. The beneficiation methods include manual selection, gravity separation, flotation, magnetic separation, and electric separation. Tin: The beneficiation method is gravity beneficiation and flotation process. Molybdenum: mainly flotation.

Mercury: There are manual selection, gravity separation and flotation, among which flotation is widely used and most effective. Antimony: There are mainly manual selection, re-election, flotation and other methods. Platinum group: (1) Reasonable ball milling, using suitable cyclone classification; (2) Recovery rate. Gold: The content of gold in the ore is extremely low. Extracting gold requires crushing and grinding the ore and separating the gold by beneficiation methods. Mainly re-election and flotation.

Silver: (1) Flotation method; (2) The combined process of single flotation method, float-gravity separation method and flotation cyanidation method, among which flotation is the most important. Niobium, tantalum, beryllium lithium: manual selection, flotation, chemical or chemical-flotation combined method, intensive selection, radioactive selection, particle flotation method.

Strontium: The most commonly used method in the beneficiation of celestite from Chongshishe, and the most common structural process is the process with jig-shaking table as the main body. Rare earth metals: generally use magnetic separation and flotation to obtain a concentrate containing about 60% of rare earth oxides.

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