Overcome Difficulties Together Scientifically Fight Against Coronavirus

March 06, 2020

On 3, June 6, More than a month ago, we said goodbye to each other after the year-end summary meeting and went home for the New Year. In 2019, under the strategic guidance of "Profit Orientation and Capability Improvement", Hanfa Group exceeded its annual set targets. We are full of expectations for the new starting point in 2020. However, the new crown pneumonia epidemic has swept the country, and we have experienced a long and dangerous period of uncertainty.

Scientific prevention and control of all personnel when the "epidemic" is in progress

In the fight against the epidemic for the whole people, Hanfa Group started the "protracted health of all employees" at the first time: Regarding prevention and control as an order, quickly set up an epidemic prevention and control team to cut off all risky contacts; worry about the epidemic area and assume social responsibility , To ensure the safety of employees, 100% in-depth investigation of the health status of employees and reporting once a day; delaying resumption of work without delaying business, combining remote service office with batch resumption of work to ensure non-stop business operations; multiple inspection checkpoints are set up at the entrance of the factory, To ensure the health and worry-free of the personnel returning to work; perform regular disinfection of the entire plant area, shift in and out of peaks, eat in batches, and provide a safe and healthy working environment; fully organize the resumption of work and production, coordinate relevant resources, and fulfill the 7×24 hours service promise.

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