Serving Golbal Clients During Epidemic, Hanfa Group Do Like This!

April 28, 2021

On April 27, 2021, At the end of 2019, a battle without gunpowder came suddenly. With the spread of the new crown epidemic, countries have adopted various epidemic prevention measures, and invisible barriers have been placed between countries. Affected by the epidemic, the movement of people is restricted, and how to proceed overseas has become a difficult problem. Although Hanfa Group has an installation and commissioning team that overcomes difficulties overseas to carry out installation and commissioning of some projects, it cannot meet the installation needs of most customers under the epidemic. In order to ensure that the customer's project is put into production on schedule, Hanfa Group has taken a different approach and used various methods such as live video demonstrations and installation instructions to ensure the installation work.

Henan Afuruika Machinery Equipment Co. , Ltd

In 2020, the installation of desorption electrolysis system for a gold mine beneficiation project undertaken by Hanfa Group is imminent. As an important component, the desorption electrolysis system has a relatively comprehensive, complex equipment composition, and high technical requirements for installation and commissioning. In the case of on-site installation, the progress of the project has reached a deadlock.

Henan Afuruika Machinery Equipment Co. , Ltd

Faced with this difficult situation that has never been encountered, Hanfa Group’s Mine Design Institute and Mechanical Design Institute have conducted many technical discussions. After repeated deliberation, Hanfa Group has decided to innovatively apply live video operations to installation guidance, and will desorb The name and installation order of each component of the electrolysis system module design are clearly marked, combined with the text description, to remotely guide the customer to install, meet the needs of on-site equipment installation, and help the project successfully complete the installation work.

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