The Properties And Beneficiation Methods Of Indonesian Zircon

October 22, 2020

Zircon series igneous rock deep minerals, chemical composition is Zr02·Si02, colors are light yellow, brown yellow, yellow green, etc., specific gravity 4.6-4.7, hardness 7.5, strong metallic luster, raw material for ceramic glaze, using zircon Zirconium dioxide (Zr02) is often used, which has a significant effect on reducing thermal expansion. It can improve the thermal stability of the glaze, and because of its high chemical inertness, it can improve the chemical stability and alkali resistance of the glaze, and it can also act as a turbidity agent. Zircon concentrate is often used in architectural ceramic glaze, and the general amount is 8%-12%.

In view of the high iron and titanium content of the Indonesian Kalimantan zircon placer, the following processes are used in the beneficiation process:

1. The raw ore enters the spiral chute first to remove sand and light foam impurities.

2. The spiral concentrate enters the magnetic separator to remove iron.

3. The magnetic tail enters the electromagnetic separator to remove ferro-titanium and iron trioxide.

4. Grind the concentrate to a qualified particle size. (Chemical method to remove surface attachments)

5. Electromagnetically remove the conjoined ferro-titanium.

6. Obtain finished zircon sand.

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