What Is A Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher? What Are The Characteristics

December 11, 2020

PLK vertical shaft impact crusher is a kind of sand making equipment newly developed by our company. It has the characteristics of large feed size and high sand formation rate. It can be used as a second crusher in a wide range between fine and coarse grinding. Vertical impact type is the key equipment for grain shape adjustment and granularity adjustment in the sand and gravel material manufacturing industry. In particle size adjustment, the production rate of 0~5mm is higher than 30%~60%; in particle shape adjustment, the squareness rate reaches 56%~60%.

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The working principle of PLK vertical shaft impact crusher: The motor drives the main shaft of the crusher through the belt to drive the impeller to rotate. The material enters the high-speed rotating impeller in the crusher through the feed hopper, is rapidly accelerated, and is ejected from the evenly distributed baffle and runner lining plate of the impeller at a speed of 50~70m/s, and impacts the installation on the crushing cavity. The counterattack board is broken and bounced, changing the direction of movement and colliding with the material emitted by the impeller. After multiple collisions, friction and crushing, the materials are discharged from the lower discharge port and form a closed circuit through the circulating screening system. Throughout the crushing process, the materials impact and crush each other.

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PLK vertical shaft impact crusher performance characteristics: (1) The structure is novel, unique, simple and reasonable, with balanced operation and low operating cost. (2) "Stone-to-stone, stone-to-iron", the device state can be switched freely, making sand and gravel, one machine for multiple purposes. (3) Low energy consumption, high output, large crushing ratio and energy saving. (4) It has a plastic function, the product is cubic, and the bulk density is high. (5) During the production process, the stone can form a protective bottom layer, the machine body is wear-free and durable. (6) The air self-circulation system reduces dust. (7) Automatic control and accident alarm can be realized. (8) The top cover is lifted by hydraulic system, which is easy to operate.

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