Zimbabwe 1000 t/h Sand And Gravel Aggregate Project Is Under Construction

June 25, 2020

Zimbabwe's large-scale aggregate production base is under construction, using high-quality mining machinery and equipment. It is predicted that the two production lines can produce 1,000 tons per hour, making it a relatively large-scale aggregate production base. In the future, this production line will become a large-scale and valuable mining project in this area. At present, this production line is under intense installation. The following is an explanation of the progress and equipment conditions.

                                                                                               Bar feeder

                                                                                              Jaw Crusher

                                                                                             Single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

                                                                                             Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

                                                                                             Large vibrating screen

                                                                                             Henan Afuruika Machinery Equipment Co. , Ltd

The installation and construction of Zimbabwe's hard rock garden-style sand and gravel aggregate system project is in the status of workshop skeleton construction, and the full completion of the production line is just around the corner. The entire production line was undertaken by Hanfa Group and led the design. A variety of equipment has been basically installed. The entire production line has a reasonable layout, compact design, and process design according to local conditions, making full use of the terrain advantages, scientific layout, and reasonable planning and distribution of workshops. Ensure the efficient crushing production of the production line. The project uses a green and environmentally-friendly sealed workshop to avoid dust environmental pollution, protect the local ecological environment, and respond to the national green production call.

                                                                                             Henan Afuruika Machinery Equipment Co. , Ltd

                                                                                             Henan Afuruika Machinery Equipment Co. , Ltd

At present, the construction and installation of the project have come to an end. In addition to building seals in the workshop, the project is also undergoing road hardening in the workshop area. It is expected that the project will be put into trial production in December this year. The completion of this project will not only bring benefits to local customers, but also It can also establish a reputation for Hanfa Group locally and provide support for global infrastructure.

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