Airborne Splitter

Introduction : The airborne splitter can be directly mounted on the excavator arm, using the hydraulic power of the excavator itself.


Drilling Diameter


Drilling Depth





Product introduction

1. The airborne splitter can be directly mounted on the excavator arm, using the hydraulic power of the excavator itself. In this way, it is not only easy to move, but also more efficient than a handheld hydraulic splitting machine by more than 10 times. Using this airborne splitter, a single split rock and ore body can reach 2-10 square meters, so it is particularly suitable for non-blasting large-volume rock excavation and ore mining, such as urban building foundations, rock excavation, and high-speed Excavation of rocks under construction or expansion of highways, etc.

2. The use of excavator-type large hydraulic static rock splitting machine for demolition and operation has the advantages of no noise, no vibration, no dust, etc., which reduces the secondary hazards caused by blasting, greatly improves the safety of construction, and can improve The working environment of the workers.

3. Large airborne splitting machine, excavator-type large hydraulic rock splitting machine is a hydraulic equipment with static rock function, installed on the excavator can be directly controlled in the cab, mainly used for huge rocks and reinforced concrete Structural earth and stone works, excavation of foundation pit tunnels, static and vibration-free demolition of roads and bridge structures, mining of metal or non-metal mines and quarries, secondary crushing and demolition equipment.

Working principle

First, drill a hole with a specific diameter of 11-11.5 cm and a depth of 1.7m on the object to be split. The distance of the empty space is about 2.5 meters, and the wedge group (a middle wedge and two reverse wedge Block) is inserted into the hole, the middle wedge moves forward between the two opposite wedges through the action of hydraulic pressure, and releases the maximum energy from the inside to the outside—5000 tons, which will split the object in 40-50 seconds Split within the predetermined direction. So as to achieve rock crushing, easy operation, safe and reliable, flexible use, high work efficiency, no vibration, no impact, no noise, no dust, controllable splitting direction, economical and practical.

Working Site

Airborne Splitter Airborne Splitter Airborne Splitter

Technical Parameters


320 type

Splitting power


use pressure


Wedge (wedge iron) diameter


Crack width


Drilling diameter


Distance between holes


Row spacing of holes


Drilling depth


Split speed

40-50 Second

Split efficiency

bluestone:60-80 square/hour

life span

Under normal use, the internal hydraulic system can last for more than 3 years. The wedge life can reach 30,000 times of repetitive work

Operation method

Just install it on the excavator

Total Weight


Length of the whole machine



Wooden frame


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