Coconut Shell Activated Carbon

Brief Introduction : It is mainly used for gold extraction by the carbon slurry method and heap leaching method and the separation and extraction of precious metals in the metallurgical industry.

Product introduction


Coconut shell activated carbon is made of imported coconut shell as raw material, refined by special activation process and processed by air separation, particle cleaning, etc. With uniform particle size, high strength, developed microporous structure, strong adsorption of precious metals, and easy analysis, it can be regenerated many times and used repeatedly, especially in the gold extraction process of carbon slurry.

Application of Coconut Shell Gold Charcoal

Coconut shell gold charcoal adsorbs gold-containing complexes in the charcoal adsorption tank. After the adsorption is saturated, under the action of the carbon-lifting pump, it enters the analysis electrolysis system. After the carbon analysis is completed then enters the regeneration furnace, the iodine value can generally be restored to more than 95% and can be used again.

Technical Parameters


Grade A

Grade B

6-12 mesh




Wear resistance




Iodine adsorption value




Loss on drying




Apparent density





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