Gold Mining Ship

Introduction : This chain bucket panning ship is an integrated water dressing platform, which can be used for digging, desliming, sieving, washing, enrichment and discharging at one go.


Production Capacity


Total Power





Product introduction

This chain bucket panning ship is an integrated water dressing platform, which can be used for digging, desliming, sieving, washing, enrichment and discharging at one go.

Process Flow

Step 1: The excavator motor and reduction gear drive the excavator to excavate mineral materials from the river channel, and control the underwater lifting of the large arm through the lifting winch, so as to excavate mineral materials at different depths;Through the hull moving winch to control the hull forward, backward and transverse, thus fan-shaped mining of mineral materials in different areas of the river.

Step 2: scoop the ore materials uniform ascension within the river channel in the drum screen (inside the drum screen is full of stirring tooth, skeleton by lathe processing, durable, screen mesh for abrasion resistance of high manganese steel material, drum sieve internal flush pipes, the mining material thoroughly washing, external also with flush pipes, power cleaning sieve, prevent mesh plug, has better screening effect.The mineral material first enters the drum of the roller sieve, under the flushing action of high pressure water, the stirring teeth fully stir the mineral material into pulp, and then enters the screening system, after the mineral material is washed clean, then carries on the screening).

Step 3: Ore materials ≤10mm enter two chutes for ore dressing through the roller sieve hopper, adjust the chute Angle and water velocity, and recover the gold with imported Mitsubishi gold blanket.

Step 4: > 10mm mineral material is washed through the roller sieve and then directly drained. Personnel arrangement: Each shift of this gold panning ship needs 3-4 persons to operate, one person is specially responsible for operating the distribution cabinet and controlling the whole gold panning ship mining from the river (this operator needs to know the operation and maintenance of electric control cabinet and have certain experience in operating sand dredging or gold panning ship).One person is responsible for the mechanical maintenance, responsible for each part of the equipment maintenance and observations of the (the operator needs to have rich experience in mechanical debugging and maintenance, observe the conditions of equipment operation, for example, if there is a sound bearing, bolt is loose or falls off, whether the triangle tension bearings, bearing is short of oil, cable to see if there is any breakage or fracture, etc., found abnormal, processing immediately, every day to do a comprehensive check, before starting the equipment normal rear can start up production).Another one to two people to do other related work, such as, check whether the generator set is short of water and oil, reducer, water supply pump is short of oil, clean chute, etc.

Working Conditions Of Gold Panning Ship

Temperature in summer is not more than 50 degrees Celsius, and the temperature in winter is not less than -10 degrees Celsius.

Working Site

Henan Afuruika Machinery Equipment Co. , Ltd Henan Afuruika Machinery Equipment Co. , Ltd Henan Afuruika Machinery Equipment Co. , Ltd

Technical Parameters

Total power

75KW Generating set


8y30KW, 15KW, 7.5KW each


100m³/h(mixing amount of sand, stone and clay)

Reduction gear (JZQ type)



Bucket volume0.12m3/2.6s

Chain plate and pin

Chain plate thickness 30mm, width 85mm, length 730mm pin diameter 27mm, carburized treatment

Transmission rod

Sand: 15m long, 95cm wide driving roller bearing

Broadband 100cm, 5 layers of nylon conveyor belt

 Four wheels

Diameter: 100cm, width: 90cm.Drive shaft diameter 140mm, follow - up shaft 85mm

Supporting shaft


Control system

Electric control operation

 Spare parts

Diesel engine tools, oil seal, chain, pin, triangular belt, tile box, etc


Successful project

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