Slurry Pump Series

Application: It is mainly used in electric power, metallurgy, coal, building materials, and other industries handling corrosive,abrasive slurry, especially applied in the power ash removal systems.

Product introduction


Long consumable life.

High efficiency, low energy consumption.

Easy maintenance.

Low operating costs.

High reliability.

Structural Features

※ Horizontal, vertical axis in the open double pump shell structure, lined with carbide.
※ Efficient, high-lift impeller design, using carbide impeller, and a low NPSHr.

※ In the open horizontal bearing assembly, the selection of high-capacity bearing design, bearing with oil lubrication, and equipped with two sets of bearing cooling system.

※ It can adjust the gap between the impeller and the guard to ensure efficient operation of the pump.

※ Shaft seal using by packing seal, expeller seal and packing plus cartridge mechanical seal, adapt to different working conditions.

※ Pump and the drive can be choose by direct drive, belt drive, fluid coupling drive and reducer drive.

※ Pump outlet direction according to eight angle rotation installation, for the different installation conditions.

※ It can be multi-level series to meet the requirements of long-distance transport.

Technical Parameters

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