Steel Lining Polyurethane Composite Pipe

Introduction: The steel-lined polyurethane composite pipe is a composite pipeline made of steel pipe as the substrate, with a high wear-resistant, high elasticity and high corrosion-resistant polyurethane material as the lining and processed by a special process. Polyurethane composite pipe has excellent comprehensive properties such as wear resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, anti-fouling, radiation resistance, hydrolysis resistance, high elasticity, and mechanical impact resistance.

Product introduction

Performance Features

1. Good wear resistance: due to the better elasticity of the polyurethane lining, when subjected to the impact of the medium, the polyurethane is forced to compress under the action of external force. After the external force is eliminated, the polyurethane returns to its original state, which greatly reduces the direct strong erosion of the medium on the inner wall of the pipeline. Its wear resistance is dozens of times that of steel pipes.

2. Anti-scaling: The lining polyurethane elastomer has a symmetrical molecular structure, which is in a non-polar state to the outside, and can not form the adsorption effect of Ca2 +, CO32-, HCO3, OH- in the slurry, and can not form a scale layer. And the smooth inner surface and good elasticity can prevent the adhesion of the scale layer, because of better anti-scale and slow scale performance.

3. Low running resistance: the surface of the lining is smooth and transparent, and the absolute roughness of the inner wall is 0.082, which can reduce operating costs.

4. Good water resistance stability: good aging resistance, it is not like rubber products will swell in water and affect performance.

5. Good combination: Lining polyurethane and steel pipe are tightly combined, using a unique process, the combination of the poured polyurethane elastomer and the steel pipe reaches 100%, the unique overall flanging process, there will be no loss, escapes and partial tear phenomenon.

6. Light weight, convenient installation: Because the body tube is thin-walled, the weight is relatively light, and the connection method can be used during installation: flange connection, flexible pipe joint connection, welding connection.


Power industry: ash removal pipelines, ash residue pipelines, and grey water recovery pipelines in thermal power plants. For the power plant fresh water, seawater ash removal, and acidic media delivery systems, the use of polyurethane composite steel pipes can reflect its superiority.

Coal industry: coal washing plant with heavy-media coal preparation and long-distance casting coal pipeline system. Backfill of sediment in coal mining.

Mining industry: iron ore pulp, mine concentrate, tailings transportation system, mine flotation system closed circulation pipeline, water and sand transportation of gold mining.

Building materials, chemical industry: transportation of coke particles in steel plants, transportation of mud in aluminum factories, transportation of coal powder in cement factories, transportation of corrosive acids, alkalis, salts and corrosive factors, liquid pipelines, such as the right oil mining Pipeline transportation, silt removal project, urban water supply system, aluminum liquid delivery pipe, all have obvious effects

Technical Parameters

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