Wet Wear-resistant Rubber Plate

Introduction: Using the rubber making process of "liquid nano-formulation, normal temperature high-frequency curing", which breaks the foreign monopoly in the field of liquid rubber mixing in China for more than 80 years.

Features: It is at an advanced level in terms of wear resistance, resilience, tearing, etc. its wear resistance index reaches 128%, rebound reaches 80%, tensile strength reaches 23.5MP, and tear strength reaches 168N / mm.

Product introduction


Advanced rubber mixing technology, strong comprehensive rubber performance, and leading product in the wear-resistant material industry, successfully broke the 80-year foreign monopoly of China in the field of liquid rubber mixing.

Effectively protect the equipment and extend the service life of the equipment.

To soften the rigidity, reduce loss and noise.

Arbitrary tailoring and collocation, application is more flexible.

Independent research and development, special adhesive, firm adhesion.

How to Make the Rubber?

1. Natural latex & liquid nano-additives: mix natural latex and liquid nano-additives in a liquid state to ensure natural rubber content with fewer additives.

2. Normal temperature liquid mixing: Fully mixed under normal temperature liquid environment, without mechanical shear, to ensure the integrity of rubber molecular structure.

3. Mixed rubber embryos: rubber embryos that have not undergone coagulation, drying, intimate mixing and other processes that disrupt the rubber molecular chain process.

4. Normal temperature high-frequency vulcanization: we can customize a large-scale high-frequency vulcanization machine (9.26 × 1.26). The vulcanization at room temperature is more uniform and the time is shorter, ensuring the quality of rubber.

5. Rubber products: Chinese wet-process rubber, rubber content reaches 97%, a good choice for slurry transportation.

6. Rubber deburring: Professional rubber deburring machine is adopted to ensure that the wear-resistant rubber lining is tightly bonded to the equipment.


The wet wear-resistant rubber sheet is widely used in the lining of mineral processing equipment, such as pumps, valves, cyclones, flotation machines and other equipment, which can greatly extend the service life of equipment.

Technical Parameters

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