Placer Gold Mine River Processing Plant

Process description : The Principal Methods of alluvial gold (placer gold) are Gravity Separation.This beneficiation method is aimed at raw ore containing the largest gold particles of about 20mmalluvial gold. It can effectively collect large particles of gold, and can also complete the extraction of fine powder gold, which greatly improves the recovery rate of alluvial gold.

The Grizzly Bar Vibrating Feeder is strong and durable, and can be directly fed by excavators or mining trucks. The double-layer vibrating screen screens the size of the ore, which is processed by a jig machine and a Vibrating Sluice Box . then, use the shaker to complete the final selection.

Process Introduction

1. Use the excavator to feeding the Grizzly Bar Vibrating Feeder , the sand and stones below 50mm enter the double-layer vibrating screen, and the stones larger than 50mm slide down and are loaded by the excavator truck(The high pressure water spray device is set above the lattice screen and vibrating screen to disperse the agglomerated sediment and gold powder on the large stone block).

2. The double-layer vibrating screen is divided into three kinds of discharging, which enter the Vibrating Sluice Box ≤5mm, enter the jig through the belt conveyor 5-30mm, use the conveyor ≥30mm will send out as tailings.

3. 5-30mm enter the jig through the belt conveyor, select coarse gold grains, and 5-30mm tailings send out .

4. Enter the Vibrating Sluice Box ≤5mm, collect medium and fine gold particles, and then collect gold particles through Alluvial Gold Mat.

5. After the Alluvial Gold Mat into the shaking table, extract the gold concentrate .

6. gold concentrate enter V-shaped Mercury Amalgamator. With the help of Mercury, to extract all the gold out from the concentrates that recovered by the sluice and concentrators .

7.Use the Gold Smelting Furnace smelting the gold sand and make into final product of gold bars.

Production Example

Process Flow Chart

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