Hanfa Group's 520th Birthday Party Was Successfully Held

May 21, 2021

On May 20, 2021,Hanfa Group carefully prepared a birthday party for the employees. Everyone gathers for a big birthday party! The birthday stars wear birthday hats and receive warm birthday wishes from colleagues.

hanfa group

How can happy moments be accompanied by good food

Except for fruit cake

And full of snacks and drinks

Everyone eating for birthday

Share the joy of birthday together

hanfa group

Memorable day

We stay with you

Birthday candles are lit

Birthday cake sweet

Make good wishes together

Witness this special moment

hanfa group

Play mini games

Sing and relax

One sentence for you, one sentence for me

People having fun

People laugh

The office is full of joy and laughter

hanfa group

Thoughtful birthday gift

hanfa group

Birthday together, play games together

Light candles together, eat cakes together

Such a collective birthday party

More warm and warm experience than usual

I wish I could be so happy every day

In 2021, in the big group of Hanfa Group

We move forward together and grow together!

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