Excavator Screening Bucket

Introduction : The excavator screening bucket can be used for screening, mixing, loading and other functions, with a wide range of applications.


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Product introduction

Rotary screening hopper (drum screening hopper) is suitable for sorting materials before and after crushing, shortening the crushing time by 60%, so that materials suitable for the type of processing required can be recovered and managed in a manner. Using inch-moving hydraulic system, even wet materials can be screened, increasing the output by 30% year-on-year. Choose the quality screening hopper to look for the grand view of intelligent manufacturing. The rotating screening hopper trommel is mainly used for the equipment of rotating screening of sand and stone products (such as dust). Because it uses more washing methods, it is called washing sieving hopper. (Sand washing machine, sand washing machine), suitable for the washing operation of mountain sand and river sand, the screening of gravel in the water course, and the sand field, mixing station, construction site and other working conditions with relatively high mud content.

Application range of excavator screening bucket:

The excavator screening bucket can be used for screening, mixing, loading and other functions, with a wide range of applications.

1. In the quarry, it is used for the classification of large and small stones and the separation of soil and stone powder.

2. Used for sand and rock separation in sand and rock yard.

3. In the coal industry, it is used to separate lump coal and pulverized coal and wash coal (a component of coal washing machinery).

4. In the chemical industry and mineral processing industry, it is used to classify large and small lumps and separate powdery materials.

5. Application in the composting process, crushing sawmill bark, green composting garbage, etc.

6. Land cleaning, polluted soil quality, polluted soil treatment: screening, mixing and stirring.

7. Application in the process of muck treatment, screening of construction waste. 8. Application in highway and railway subgrade foundation construction; fine soil screening of pipelines.

Product Advantage

1. The rolling conveying principle is adopted, the friction coefficient is small, the friction is light, and the screen hole is not easy to be blocked, and it is suitable for various working environments.

2. The roller support adopts an integral through-shaft structure, which runs smoothly, does not vibrate, and has low noise.

3. The internal drum screen accessories adopt split design, with simple structure, stable operation and convenient maintenance.

4. The screening cylinder can be rotated forwards and backwards, which is easy to screen, has less material loss and high efficiency of selection and washing, which can fully meet the requirements of high-grade materials.

5. The whole machine has high reliability, adopts cycloid deceleration transmission, high transmission efficiency, low power consumption, low energy consumption, relatively long service life, and almost no wearing parts.

6. The special screen is adopted, the screening efficiency is high, and the bearing is separated from water and materials to avoid damage caused by premature contamination and rusting of the machine.

Technical Parameters

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