Excavator Rock Saw

Introduction : The longitudinal rock saw is installed on a 20-40 ton excavator.


Rated Power


Output Torque

3200Nm@ 320bar




Product introduction

The longitudinal rock saw is installed on a 20-40 ton excavator. The scope of application: sawing granite, quartzite, and a small amount of reinforced concrete. The wall can be cut in the horizontal direction through the excavator's rotation function. The size of the saw disk can be According to the construction requirements, there are 2000MM-3000MM diameters to choose from.


The product is mainly used to cut hard rocks, including granite, basalt, and reinforced concrete. The product is mainly used in earthwork, rock excavation, building demolition, mining and quarrying, landscaping and other projects. We provide a variety of models Hydraulic rock saws can be applied to excavators of various models and tonnages.

Features of AS series excavator rock saws:

A) The power is large, the efficiency is high, and the installation is convenient. It can be installed directly on the excavator for water cooling.

B) After sawing the hard rock, the effect of hitting the quarry with a breaking hammer is very good, and the cost is low.

C) The application is flexible, and the saw discs of different sizes can be replaced according to the working environment, or it can be replaced with a tree saw for sawing trees.

Working Site

Excavator Rock Saw Excavator Rock Saw Excavator Rock Saw

Technical Parameters

rated power


Maximum flow


Recommended flow


greatest pressure


Output torque

3200Nm@ 320bar

Spindle speed


Saw blade type


Total Weight


Applicable excavator

20-45t excavator


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