Jaw Plate

Applicable crusher : Jaw crusher, jaw broken.

Main materials : New high manganese steel, high manganese steel, strong high manganese steel.

Product introduction

Jaw crusher is made up of working cavity composed of moving jaw and fixed jaw, which bear huge crushing force and friction action of materials and are easy to be worn out. In order to protect jaw plate, the surface of moving jaw and fixed jaw is generally installed with wear-resistant lining plate, which is also called crushing plate.The surface of the crushing plate is usually made of tooth shape, the Angle of the tooth peak of the crushing plate is 90° ~ 120°, and its size depends on the nature and lumpiness of the broken materials. When crushing large materials, the Angle should be larger.When breaking small pieces of material, the Angle can be smaller.The size of the tooth pitch depends on the size of the product, usually take about equal to the width of the outlet, the ratio of tooth height and tooth pitch is preferable for 1/2 ~ 1/3.

Work, crushing plate fluctuation two parts wear speed is not the same, lower than the upper wear faster, crushing plate in jaw crusher work, direct contact with the material, under a lot of crushing force and material friction role, the service life of the broken plate is directly related to the working efficiency of the jaw crusher and the production cost, therefore, prolong the service life of jaw crusher broken board is particularly important.The service life of the crushing plate of the reinforced jaw breaker can be considered from the aspects of design, material selection, assembly and improvement in the process of use.


Technical Parameters

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